Chad Bluebear Geary Where Is He Now?

April 25, 2024

Chad Bluebear Geary Where Is He Now?

Bluebear Geary was a young, and it has to be said, immature worker who was hired by Boyd Coddington in his wheel and car shop. He got along well with Duane Mayer but he was a trouble maker and his behaviour irritated many others in the shop including Boyd. Bluebear had a wicked sense of humor but sometimes it crossed the line into cruelty. He was also very self-centered and he thought he owed Boyd gratitude for hiring him yet his petty behaviour caused the relationship between them to become strained.

At one point he was given (and squandered) a golden chance to build his own car for a competition against one Boyd was building. Against Boyd’s explicit orders, he insisted on building the car like an old-school hot rod without boxed frame rails. This really made Duane jealous and plenty of arguments ensued. Bluebear lost the car and his smart mouth cost him his job.

This unique series documented the crew at Boyd’s car shop as they built hot rods and custom vehicles. It aired between 2004 and 2008 on The Learning Channel and Discovery Channel. It ended when Boyd Coddington died, following complications from surgery, in February 2008. Many of the original members of the crew have moved on. Charley Hutton left to work for Boyd’s competitor Chip Foose and Al Simon retired from the show after the Rat Rod build-off.


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