Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion Meaning

March 13, 2023

To Mega Therion Meaning

The name "To Mega Therion" means “The Great Beast” and is a pseudonym used by English occultist Aleister Crowley. It also refers to the Anti Christ in the Book of Revelation.

Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion

This song, which was written by vocalist Tom Warrior and guitarist Thomas Karlsson of Dragon Rouge, features lyrics inspired by the mystical system of Thelema. It is an homage to the work of Crowley, who was considered one of the greatest occultists in history.

To Mega Therion was released by Celtic Frost in 1985 and was a major influence on the developing death metal genre. Its cover artwork, a painting by H.R. Giger, was a forerunner of Cannibal Corpse's Satan I design.

While it isn't an album of much variety, it does boast some nice moments. For example, there's a brief operatic aria in the middle of "Circle of the Tyrants," which is an excellent contrast to the groaning demon voice behind Warrior on the same track.

Other prime cuts include "Circle of the Tyrants," "Dawn of Megiddo," and "Tears in a Prophet's Dream."

The music on To Mega Therion is big and heavy, but there are some interesting nuances that make it more than just a standard stomper. Some of these are minor, like the wailing noises and chanting choirs that appear throughout. Other are more dramatic, such as the thundering full-band assault on "Necromantical Screams."


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