Catfish Cooley Net Worth

May 17, 2023

Catfish Cooley Net Worth

The self-proclaimed redneck comedian has earned huge fame and fan base through his funny videos that went viral on social media. He has been performing in live comedy shows across the country and is making good money. The comedian also has a popular YouTube channel and has a good following on other social platforms.

He was born in Louisiana on May 2, 1990 and is of American nationality. He has a father named Charles Cooley and a stepmother name Lawanda Cooley. He attended Pitkin High School and later dropped out of college to focus on his career as a comedian.

Cooley started his career in 2017 when he created his YouTube channel and began uploading humorous videos on various topics that bother him. He was able to gain a lot of views and followers because of his unique style of commenting on daily life events. He is best known for his Whiskey Wednesday series and his other comedy sketches.

The comedian has not been involved in any controversies and legal issues till date. He is living happily with his wife Munica West Cooley who is a lingerie model and an entertainer. She earns a decent income and supports her husband’s career by attending events and promoting his videos.

He has two children named Zooey and Tyler with his spouse. The couple is very close and often shares glamorous pictures of themselves on social media. They are an inspiration to many young couples who are trying to make it big in the entertainment industry.


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