Brother Polight Net Worth - Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & More

May 16, 2023

Brother Polight Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & more. Check out this article to know about brother polight net worth, popularity trend & more.

Michael Noak Jr. otherwise known by his internet based pseudonym of Brother Polight is an American powerful orator and creator who is well-known for his motivational speeches. He transformed himself after getting imprisoned for illegal activities as a youth and currently, he encourages individuals, particularly those from the African American population, about economics, religion, and current societal issues.

His YouTube channel, iAmBrotherPOLIGHT has over 100k endorsers with his recordings being viewed in excess of 8 million times up until now. He additionally has a huge following on Instagram where he regularly posts about his lifestyle as well as giving some uplifting discourses to his crowd.

He is a polygamist and has four wives, two of whom reside with him in his home. He once disclosed to his audience that for him to bring another woman into his life, it first has to be discussed among his wives. He likewise talked about bloodlines and how many power families continue their bloodlines throughout history. He further gave a clarification of time management in the video to demonstrate the benefits that polygamy has had on his own life. He likewise runs a philanthropic local area called Nu-Covenant.

Polight’s wife is Jessica Casey and he has children with her; Aneesa, Zhanae, Ma'at Hotep, and Atum-Re. He also has one daughter from his previous relationship.


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