Broken Lyrics Meaning by Jake Bugg

February 13, 2023

'Broken' by Jake Bugg is one of the most popular songs in the history of pop music. The singer, who was only 19 when his eponymous first album reached number one in the charts, has become an icon of young British success.

Having started playing guitar at the age of 12, Bugg had his breakthrough when he uploaded a song to 'BBC Introducing' and was picked up by local radio in Nottingham. His debut album was a hit, going to number one and racking up a host of accolades.

His career hasn't been without its ups and downs, however; in 2010 his mother was made redundant, leading to a tough time for the teenager. Using his talent, Bugg managed to rekindle his passion for music and eventually leave school at sixteen to focus on it full time.

The result, 'Broken', is a song that's both startling and revelatory. At the beginning it sounds like an ode to a self-indulgent, depressed teenage boy who can't seem to get his life together; but it's actually about something more meaningful.

In 'Broken', Bugg looks at the world with a sense of wistfulness that's often overlooked by those who grow up in the council estates he inhabits. He's not a Bob Dylan, and he doesn't write music with big, epic ambition; but he does make it clear that there's more to life than the sinkhole of petty crime he's lived in for most of his life.


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