Born Behind Bars - Where is Brandi Where is She Now?

March 13, 2024

Born Behind Bars is an A+E reality show that provides a glimpse into Indiana Women’s Prison’s Wee Ones Program, which allows pregnant inmates to give birth in jail and remain involved in their child’s development. Despite the hardships of such a situation, police officers and nannies help the mothers navigate the tough times. Breann Leath, a police officer who featured on the series, won hearts around the world with her genuine care for both the babies and their mothers. After the series ended, she continued to work at the nursery and gave birth to twins of her own.

Maranda Taylor is another nanny who was featured on the show. Despite her past drug abuse conviction, she worked hard to change her life for the better and prioritized her daughter Addison. She earned her parole and is currently a happy mother of two. She opted to evade the spotlight after the show and embraced privacy, but from what we know, she still resides in Indiana with her family.


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