Book Lovers by Emily Henry Quotes

March 4, 2023

book lovers emily henry quotes

Book Lovers by Emily Henry is a fun summer read that pokes a few holes in small town romantic comedy tropes. This is the third book in Emily Henry's "Book Club" series, and it's a fun rivals-to-lovers romance between a literary agent and an editor.

Nora Stephens is an organized, hardworking Literary Agent with an obsession with book-themed events and a strong aversion to romance tropes (i.e., the ride-or-die New York City devotee who gets left behind when a man falls in love with a small town girl). But when her sister Libby convinces her to take a summer vacation in Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, Nora agrees even though she isn't particularly fond of the small town.

While Nora and Charlie have a spark of attraction, their relationship is far more complicated than they'd ever imagined. Nora's main concern is her sister Libby, who seems to have a hard time talking to her. As a result, Nora is determined to get Libby's attention and help her open up to her. In the end, Nora and Charlie learn that sometimes a little burst of motivation can go a long way! This empowering quote is from Emily Henry's novel Book Lovers.


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