Bon Iver's "Perth" Album Review

March 13, 2023

In 2011, Justin Vernon and his band Bon Iver released their second album, which earned them a Grammy. The Wisconsin indie folk group took on a new sonic direction with their sophomore LP. They took more sonic risks than their debut, which created a more enveloping, tranquil landscape.

They are also experimenting with their live shows. While Bon Iver's older shows were acoustic, the newer ones incorporate a full band. They have since become one of the most celebrated bands in the world, playing to sold out crowds at Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Coachella, Sasquatch!, and Oyafestivalen.

Bon Iver's second LP is an exploration of the human relationship with places. Each song on the ten-song LP takes its name from a city or a town that has become meaningful to Vernon. The horn-filled opening track "Perth" commemorates the Australian city of Perth, which was inspired by the death of actor Heath Ledger while the band was on tour there in 2011.

The lyrics to the track are poignant and beautiful. They describe a longing for the place where you belong, and how you can stay connected even when you are separated.

It's clear that Bon Iver are trying to express a sense of letting go and moving forward in life, but the song is also very poignant because it's an act of retrospection. It's also very meditative, which is what makes it so special and so powerful.

It is a reminder that we all have to go through some sort of adversity at some point in our lives, but that it will end up bringing us closer together. We can't always know what the future holds, but we can be sure that we will keep our loved ones in our hearts forever.


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