Bloodrock Doa Meaning

March 13, 2023

When it comes to rock music, Bloodrock doa is one of the more controversial songs ever released. The song gained a lot of popularity in the 1970's when it was played on AM radio stations in Dallas-Fort Worth. The song soared up the charts and reached number 36 on Billboard's Top 100 singles chart.

"DOA" became a huge hit for the band, but it was also a big blow to their reputation. Their next album, Passage, did not do well and they almost broke up after several line-up changes.

The first lineup featured Jim Rutledge on drums, Lee Pickens on guitar and Nick Taylor on guitar. The band's classic lineup lasted from 1970 to 1972, with Rick Cobb replacing Rutledge on drums in the latter half of 1972.

With this change, the band began experimenting with a more jazzy sound, which led to some changes in the band's line-up and style. The band hired Warren Ham, who could play vocals, flute and saxophone, as well as keyboards.

This was not a good move, because Bloodrock's music shifted away from their earlier hard rock sound. This change sunk the band's popularity and led to a few members leaving.

Despite this, the band still managed to get their name out there and their albums did sell quite well. In 1971, the band toured with Grand Funk Railroad, playing 38 sell-out shows in 52 days.

The band broke up in 1975. It was a great loss for the music industry and fans alike. It was the end of a great band that should have been respected more than they have been through the years.


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