Blondie Dreaming Lyrics Meaning

January 28, 2024

Dreaming is an anthem that celebrates the beauty of dreams and encourages listeners to chase their own. The song was a staple of Blondie’s live shows and remains one of their most beloved tracks to this day. The lyrics evoke the feeling of freedom and yearning for independence that so many people can relate to. The chorus reverberates the idea that dreams have no cost and are accessible to everyone. It is a track that continues to inspire listeners across generations and it is no wonder why this song is a timeless classic.

Dreaming was the first single from Blondie’s second album, Plastic Letters, and it became a hit in both the UK and US. The band was enjoying their breakthrough success at this point and they wanted to continue the momentum with their next album. However, the group experienced a major change in their dynamic with the departure of singer Gary Valentine and guitarist Chris Stein. The remaining members continued to work hard and this resulted in the release of this classic track.

The song is a pop tune with a rock sound and it features a fast tempo. It is a catchy and infectious song that captures the essence of New Wave music. Harry’s vocals are powerful and the drumming is catchy. The song also has an interesting lyrical structure. The line “a movie or a measure” is intriguing because it seems to be referencing something else other than a movie. Whether it is a reference to bartending or something else, this is an interesting lyrical choice.


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