Billie Eilish's "Overheated" Climate Festival in London

March 8, 2023

overheated billie eilish meaning

Billie Eilish is known for using her star power to call for positive change on issues like animal rights and the climate crisis. Starting this week, she's putting that fame to work as host of a climate action event in London called "Overheated."

The six-day festival, which will take place at The O2 arena this June 10-12, 16 and 25-26, features talks with pop stars, designers and activists who are all working to address the climate crisis. On top of that, Eilish will be screening her new 40-minute documentary OVERHEATED: A Climate Change Documentary every night of the event.

She's also partnered with several organizations, including "green music" org REVERB and Support + Feed, a Los Angeles-based non-profit founded by her mother that delivers vegan meals to people in need. In addition, she'll be performing a number of songs that focus on the climate and how plant-based diets are good for the environment.

OverHeated – Lyrics

Billie's song "Overheated" is a response to a body shaming she received after paparazzi got a look at her form-fitting tank top last year. The track comes from her second full-length album, Happier Than Ever.

It was written by Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell. It is a standout track on the young singer's latest album, released July 30.

The song is a reaction to body shaming that she faced after being photographed in a tank top and shorts. The song's lyrics were inspired by that experience, and they reflect how she's resolved to not allow herself to be sexualized in the future.


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