Billie Eilish Meaning - Male Fantasy

March 7, 2023

male fantasy billie eilish meaning

Billie Eilish Meaning

On her latest song, "Male Fantasy," singer-songwriter Billie Eilish reveals her thoughts on love. The lyrics in this song tell a melancholy story of love, even after a breakup.

The narrator of this song tells the listener that her heart is broken and she struggles to deal with it. She feels lonely when she's home alone and she tries to distract herself by watching pornography. The lyrics also mention that she attends therapy, as a way to cope with her emotions.

She thinks about the guy who she was in a relationship with and how she's not ready to get over him. She also fantasizes about a girl she used to be close to. The lyrics tell the listener that she would never be that satisfied with her relationships and she is always left feeling empty.

Another verse in this song talks about her friendship with a girl she used to know. It's been years since they've had a conversation and she thinks about how their friendship has changed. She wonders if it will ever have the same sparkle as it had before.

The song is a country-tinged folk ballad that was written by Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell. It was released as the closing track of her second studio album, Happier Than Ever.


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