Billie Eilish and the Lost Cause Meaning

March 7, 2023

billie eilish lost cause meaning

Billie Eilish dropped her new song on June 3, "Lost Cause," and the accompanying video. It's the fourth single from her 2021 album Happier Than Ever and was produced by her brother Finneas O'Connell.

Lyrics: You think you're such an outlaw / But you got no job / Nothing but a lost cause, ain't nothing like you used to be

In the song, Eilish sings about a broken up ex-boyfriend. She explains how disappointed she was that her partner didn't care for her at all. She tried to change him, but he was just too far gone.

He didn't give a crap about her and she was just too tired of him, which is why she decided to break up with him. Thankfully, she got over him and now has her own happy life.

The music video shows Eilish partying with a group of friends. They eat snacks, dance, play Twister, and twerk.

Fans have also accused Eilish of queerbaiting in the video, as it depicts her friends in a homoerotic way. This has led many to believe that Eilish is attracted to women, but that's just not true.

Based on her actual romantic history, it seems that Billie Eilish prefers to date older males. For example, she dated rapper Brandon Adams, a.k.a. 7: AMP, when she was 16. And it's been reported that she's dating actor Matthew Tyler Vorce right now. So, it would make sense that she wants someone who's mature enough to handle a relationship and can be trusted.


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