Bigger Than the Whole Sky Lyrics Meaning

July 31, 2023

Taylor Swift is no stranger to expressing her personal experiences in her music, and it’s always a treat for fans to see the singer open up. But on “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” she evokes grief in a way that feels more universal than personal, which has some wondering whether or not this song was inspired by her own experiences with loss.

In the second verse, Taylor references a theory in chaos theory known as the butterfly effect, which states that one small change in some remote corner of the universe can have a massive consequence in another. And this seems to be what Taylor is referring to when she says, “Did some bird flap its wings over in Asia cause you to go away? Did I not pray hard enough?” In this case, the person who is gone was her unborn child, who was timeless, limitless, and bigger than the entire sky.

Upon the release of her new album Midnights, fans were quick to notice that Bigger Than the Whole Sky was resonating with them in particular. And while it’s unclear exactly what the song is about, some believe that it is a reference to a miscarriage.

This is supported by the bridge of the song, where Taylor sings, “What could’ve been, what would have been, what should’ve been you,” which is similar to how women describe their experience with miscarriage on TikTok. Although Taylor has yet to confirm the true meaning behind the song, it’s clear that many listeners are finding comfort in it and relating to the lyrics on a deeper level.


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