Big Thief - Simulation Swarm Lyrics Meaning

November 19, 2023

Big Thief continue to explore the complexities of existence in their latest release. The indie folk darlings released the new song 'Simulation Swarm' in anticipation of their upcoming album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You. The track is a fan favorite that they have been performing live for some time now and perfectly showcases their ability to convey deep emotions with poetic lyrics layered over catchy guitar riffs.

The lyrics dive into a sense of introspection and the questioning of identity in a world saturated with illusions. Adrianne Lenker explains that the song is a reference to the simulations in our daily lives. She feels that there is an increasing amount of stimuli being thrown at us from the media and technology which makes it hard to maintain our sense of authenticity and individuality. She wonders whether the reality we are living in is a result of this overwhelming barrage or if there is something deeper, more transcendent that defines our true selves.

In addition to this, the song references the afterlife and a spiritual connection to the natural world. She refers to her brother as an angel and a child of the vine which is a symbol for Jesus. She also describes him as a being that has a prism key to enter the simulation and she watches him build an energy shield in his room (a metaphor for the mothers womb) and her watchful eyes are a reference to the Garden of Eden and the biblical story of Adam and Eve.


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