Bianca Wright - Miss New Mexico USA 2023

March 14, 2024

Miss New Mexico USA 2023

Bianca Wright is a young and ambitious woman with drive and ambition. She is also a loving and caring person with a strong moral compass. Despite her twisted upbringing she still has the ability to tell right from wrong. Bianca cares about those around her and is always willing to help. She has a deep love for Chris and their unborn child and will do anything for them.

She is a proud Afro Latina who believes that every individual should be evaluated on their merits and abilities and not defined by their gender sexuality or race. Bianca is an advocate for social justice and equality and is dedicated to helping others and improving society. She has a passion for science and hopes to one day work at Los Alamos National Laboratory conducting multidisciplinary research. Bianca is also an active member of her community and volunteers at her local animal shelter. She also creates hygiene care packages for the homeless and dresses up as Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog to uplift youth around her.

Bianca is an associate in the firm’s Corporate Finance department where she focuses on complex finance transactions including trade receivables, broadly syndicated and middle-market loans, equipment finance and leasing, and residential and commercial mortgage loan transactions. She has extensive experience in complex financial transactions, both domestic and international. Prior to joining Chapman, she practiced at Am Law 100 firms.


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