Best Songs With "Fool" in the Title

February 13, 2023

fool if you think its over lyrics meaning

There's a reason that the best songs with "fool" in their title – whether it's a rock song about a lost love, an uplifting ballad about humanity's next move or something purely awe-inspiring – tend to be the ones that stand out from the crowd. And with April Fool's Day just around the corner, we thought we'd share some of the most notable examples from music's golden age.

'Fool' if you think it's over lyrics (audience)

In 1978, English singer/songwriter Chris Rea scored one of the best hits in the history of the US singles chart with "Fool (If You Think It's Over)." The track reached number one on Billboard's Easy Listening (Adult Contemporary) chart and was nominated for a Grammy award in 1979.

Rea had been a rising star in the UK for years, but had never cracked the American market until he hit the jackpot with this slickly produced song courtesy of producer Gus Dudgeon at his Thames Valley studio The Mill.

The title track from Rea's debut album Whatever Happened to Benny Santini was the single that would catapult him into the top ten in the US and beyond, as well as giving him the confidence to continue his career in the US. However, despite its considerable success in the US, Rea remained disenchanted with the song and has re-recorded it for his 1988 self-produced album New Light Through Old Windows.

Regardless of its technical specifications, the song is certainly one of the most enduring and memorable - it's still been covered by countless artists throughout the decades and deservedly so. It is a worthy entry to our list of the best songs with "fool" and, as with all of our recommendations, can be downloaded from JioSaavn today for free.


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