Ben Howard - The Meaning Behind His Song "Black Flies"

February 13, 2023

Black Flies

Ben Howard is an English singer songwriter who has a unique style that is a combination of folk music with a cryptic touch. His songs are rife with symbolism and metaphor that make them stand out from other acoustic love songs on the radio.

His acoustic guitar and soft percussion are paired with his unique voice to create a strong and unique sound that is comparable to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson but has a more folk music influence. He also uses a lot of falsetto in his backing vocals to enhance his voice and give it more depth.

He has a left-handed style of playing his guitar, and uses alternate tunings like CGCGGC (Old Pine, Everything), DADGAD (In Dreams) and CGA#GFC (Further Away, End of the Affair) to create a unique sound. He also makes extensive use of a partial capo to enhance his sound in some of his more popular tracks.

His debut album Every Kingdom was released in 2011 and reached number four on the UK charts. It has received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. He also released two other EPs, These Waters (2009) and Old Pine (2010). His most recent release is Noonday Dream, which was released in 2018. This song is a very inspirational song and reflects on the power of being brave enough to follow your dreams. It is also a very fun song to listen to.


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