Behind Barz Drake Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

behind barz drake lyrics meaning

One of the most appealing aspects of rap music is lyrical content that relates to everyday life. Another is clever wordplay. And while Drake may not be a household name, he’s become beloved for both.

The Toronto-born rapper is known for using slang and musical styles from around the world, particularly from the UK rap scene, but his latest freestyle has drawn a lot of attention thanks to its use of Arabic lyrics. The song features a collaboration with British drill artist Headie One.

On behind barz drake lyrics meaning, Drizzy isn’t just trying to capitalize on his newfound fame: He’s also delivering a message. He’s re-released a popular radio verse from last year with the intention of it being featured on the soundtrack for Netflix’s Top Boy, a show based in London and centered around drug dealers.

In this version, the rapper puts on a phony grime accent as he raps about “paigon chit-chat.” This is an attempt to make reference to Big Shaq’s viral grime parody song “Man’s Not Hot,” which also features Drake.

Drake has a history of promoting UK rap songs and artists, from collaborating with Skepta to publicly sharing his love for the music. It’s a trend that continues now with his recent freestyle on Link Up TV, a British rap channel.

While Drake may not be a household name, his music has garnered a huge following and he’s become beloved for both. From his lustful bars to his clever wordplay, he’s mastered the art of making us feel good.


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