Begin Again Taylor Swift Meaning

March 7, 2023

begin again taylor swift meaning

Begin Again Taylor Swift Meaning

The lyrics to "Begin Again" tell a story of starting over after heartbreak. The narrator wears high heels even though the person she was with didn't like it and meets someone new who makes her feel appreciated. This leads to her feeling better about herself.

Lyrics: 'It's a Wednesday in a cafe, I'm beginning again'

The song is about getting over a previous relationship and finding hope in a new one. The chorus reflects this new perspective on love: 'It's a new day, I'm beginning again'

Swift has the sole writing credit for "Begin Again." She also worked on production and released a music video for the song in 2012. It won the award for Best Country Song at the 2014 Grammy Awards. It was also nominated for three American Country Awards and two BMI awards: Publisher of the Year and Country Awards Top 50 Songs.


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