Begin Again Lyrics - Taylor Swift

March 7, 2023

begin again lyrics taylor swift meaning

"Begin Again" is the second single from Taylor Swift's fourth studio album Red. It was released on October 1st, 2012. This song was co-produced by Nathan Chapman and Dann Huff.


This is a very strong song that displays Swift's songwriting skills and her mature perspective on love. It was nominated for several awards and has been RIAA-certified platinum. It's the most country sounding song that she has done since her Fearless days, and it has been praised by music critics for being very gentle, well-crafted and narratively driven.


The narrator of this song is Taylor Swift and she tells us her story about a first date that helps her overcome her pain from an old broken relationship. She witnesses romance begin again on this date, and this is enough to help her to let go of her toxic ex.


The song is a simple, acoustic ballad that's written in G and hovers closely on the tonic during most of the verses. It isn't really tuneful and the acoustic guitar is used sparingly, but it does work to enhance the emotional impact of the song. The chorus is a great example of this, as it sets the tone early and then builds the tension with an unorthodox cadence.

The last line of the chorus, "break and burn and end," is an incredibly satisfying twist that gives a sense of closure to the narrator's struggle. It's one of her more memorable tricks and it works perfectly here.


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