Beat the Devil's Tattoo Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

beat the devils tattoo lyrics meaning

Beat the Devil's Tattoo Lyrics Meaning

For almost two decades, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have crafted songs that have stayed true to themselves and their values. During their ups and downs they never compromised and still kept the music as their cornerstone, trusting their instincts above everything else.

A good example is their latest album, Beat the Devil's Tattoo, which is a record that has managed to stay relevant today while remaining true to its core. This is due to the fact that BRMC are able to convey their emotions and thoughts in a multi-dimensional manner.

The band's sixth studio release has been released on their own Abstract Dragon label, and it marks a new beginning for the group. Having suffered the departure of drummer Nick Jago, guitarist Robert Levon Been and bassist Peter Hayes have bravely opened up a new chapter in their journey together with former Raveonettes drummer Leah Shapiro who has been touring with the band ever since.

As a result, this album has the perfect blend of musical sleight of hand and a few beefy rock tracks. The music is driven by a combination of simple and heavy rhythms that carry a tribal quality to them.

While most of the record was recorded in Philadelphia at The Basement Studio, it also included songs from the band's previous records. The result was a great album that had been long anticipated by the fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


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