BBL - What is BBL Meaning on TikTok?

March 7, 2023

TikTok is a fun platform for creators to express themselves and have a little bit of fun. But navigating the app can be tricky, especially when it comes to determining what abbreviations mean.

BBL is one of the most popular abbreviations on TikTok, but what does it actually stand for? It’s short for Brazilian Butt Lift, a cosmetic surgery procedure that takes fat from a part of the body and injects it into the buttocks to make them bigger.

The rapper known as Drake has had his fair share of success, but what really makes him a star is his blend of classic R&B and soul music with a modern twist. He's also a great singer, and has incorporated Jamaican and Caribbean influences into his work to create a unique sound that is both recognizable and original.

There are many different kinds of bbl drake memes, some that are humorous and others that are more serious. Some of the most popular bbl drake memes are ones that feature pictures of Drake with captions that poke fun at him or a situation.

BBL is a trend on TikTok that has taken the internet by storm. It’s not uncommon for TikTokers to post photos and videos of themselves before and after having a cosmetic procedure, but this one has taken the cake.

In fact, it has accumulated 1.8 billion views. If you’re a TikToker and are looking for something to get you inspired, then look no further than the BBL trend!


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