Barbara Walters' Daughter Says Goodbye

September 7, 2023

Barbara Walters’ health has deteriorated to such an extent that the TV legend had to cancel her planned return to The View for a special taping. And in the latest development, the beloved star’s adopted daughter Jacqueline Danforth has visited her to say goodbye.

The Today alum and her second husband Lee Guber adopted Jacqueline in the late 60s after suffering several miscarriages. Despite her mother’s success, Jacqueline had a difficult time growing up. In fact, she once confessed that her mother’s fame overshadowed her life. As an adult, she struggled with addiction and even ran away from home at one point. Eventually, she found her way to a rehab facility where she overcame her addiction.

She later moved to Maine where she started a wilderness therapy program for adolescent women named New Horizons for Young Women. She married a wilderness guide and took his last name, becoming Jackie Danforth. But the program was closed in 2008, and she subsequently left the spotlight.

But she’s since resurfaced in the media for a DUI arrest in 2013, according to TMZ. She’s also been spotted in public with a man believed to be her boyfriend and has not made any public announcements about her residence or work status.

As for her mom, in her 2014 ABC retirement special, she spoke about how not spending enough time with her daughter was one of her biggest regrets. She passed away on December 30, 2022, at 93 years old.


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