Baker Street Lyrics Meaning

January 2, 2024

Baker Street is a song by the Scottish singer Gerry Rafferty. It was a top-10 hit in 1978 and remains one of his most recognizable songs to date. Its lyrics speak of a sense of disillusionment and an urge to escape. The song’s main character feels trapped by the monotony of city life, and he longs for something more. He often drinks to forget about his problems, and he believes that he will never find peace in this cold city.

According to the author of the article on this website, Rafferty wrote the song after his split with Stealers Wheel in 1975. He spent a lot of time in London during this period, and the city became the backdrop for many of his songs. Baker Street is one of his most poignant reflections on the difficult years after he left the group.

The saxophone solo in the song is one of the most recognizable musical elements of the track, and it adds to its overall atmosphere. Raphael Ravenscroft was a jazz musician who played the saxophone in the band for some time, and he contributed to the popularity of the song with his passionate performance.

The lyrics of the song are filled with themes of struggle and resignation, but they also offer a glimpse of hope. The protagonist is trying to eke out as much petrol as possible from a tank that is running on empty, and he dreams of a day when he can wake up without having to worry about money or a place to live.


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