Back Then - What Does It Mean?

July 30, 2023

The word back then means "in the past," and it's a useful way to describe the way things used to be. It's similar to phrases like "once upon a time," "in the old days," and "in those days," which also express that something happened a long time ago. When used properly, these phrases convey a sense of nostalgia and historical distance and can be effective in creating a sense of drama and mystery in narratives.

Despite the fact that it's still quite an ancient language, English has evolved a great deal in the last few centuries. During this period, the meanings of some words changed dramatically, while others retained their original meanings. For example, the word 'awe' originally meant fear or dread, but it soon morphed into a sense of reverence and awe. Similarly, the word 'awful' went in the other direction, eventually taking on solely negative connotations.

Back Then is a new game from Houston-based rapper, Mike Jones, and it takes the player on an exploration of his family's house as well as dreamlike sequences that allow them to discover more about the story of Thomas and his family's struggles. By completing objectives, exploring different rooms, unlocking collectibles and solving puzzles, players help Thomas discover what his life is all about and whether he has any purpose in this world.

Back then, trench warfare during WWI caused millions of casualties. Medics couldn't use antibiotics to treat wounds, so even simple cuts could become infected and fatal.


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