Azriel Clary - Where is R Kelly Now?

September 7, 2023

The abuse and exploitation of women and girls is something that R. Kelly has been accused of for decades. The music producer is currently in prison after being found guilty of a series of federal charges, including sexual exploitation of minors.

Azriel Clary is one of the survivors who has spoken out against Kelly after testifying in his Brooklyn trial in 2021. She recently sat down with Gayle King for CBS Mornings and opened up about her life before Kelly, how she was able to leave his abusive clutches, and the challenges of being a survivor of prolonged abuse.

Azriel first met Kelly at a concert in Orlando when she was just 17 years old. The singer pulled her on stage and they exchanged numbers. She went on to spend a lot of time with him and eventually moved into his Chicago home despite being underage. Throughout her time with him, she was told to do everything she could to please him. Apparently, this even included having group sex with him and other women on a regular basis.

During her interview with King, she shared that she has no regrets about testifying against Kelly. She also spoke about how she had to fight to be reunited with her parents after being kept away from them for so long. Her father Angelo spoke about how he had to “try not to judge” her for leaving her abusive relationship with the singer.


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