Avril Lavigne - Bite Me Meaning

January 8, 2023

If you're a fan of Avril Lavigne, you might want to take a listen to her new single, "Bite Me". It's the lead single off her upcoming album, Love Sux, and it's available now on all platforms.

The pop-punk singer recently opened up about her new single. She says it's a love song. Though she doesn't specify whether she plans to threaten physical assault on her romantic partner, it sounds like it could be a possibility.

In an interview with Billboard, Lavigne says that the lyrics of "Bite Me" are more direct than her previous anthems. However, she's not sure how many people will relate to her lyrics.

One thing is for sure: the singer's voice is a joy to hear. Her new single "Bite Me" is a surprisingly potent track. Those who enjoy pop-punk music will be glad to see Lavigne returning to her musical roots.

Lavigne and producer Travis Barker have a chemistry that's infectious. Barker adds a unique percussion sound to the track that's a signature of his work. He also appears in the official music video. This song demonstrates how both Lavigne and Barker work seamlessly together.

You can listen to the official version of "Bite Me" by clicking here. The song will be featured on James Corden's Late Late Show, and is available now on all platforms. As of this writing, it's peaking at 61 on the UK Singles Chart.

While this isn't Avril's first foray into pop-punk, it's her first song with Barker on her label, DTA Records.


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