Ashes of Eden Lyrics Meaning by Breaking Benjamin

March 8, 2023

breaking benjamin ashes of eden lyrics meaning

Ashes of Eden lyrics meaning is the song that is a part of the fifth album by Breaking Benjamin. This is a song that is very different from the other songs of this band. It has a very deep meaning and is a slow song that can be very emotional.

The lyrics are about faith and questioning everything. They are very relatable to people and can bring a lot of pain and emotion into one’s life. The singer is very deep into a crisis of faith and is trying to find a way out.

During the pre-chorus, the singer raises questions to God about whether he is worthy of being saved or not. He also confesses that he has committed some lies in his life.

In the second verse, the singer further explores his crisis and his hope for the future. He asks if there is something that will pull him and he also questions about the truth of love and whether it can last forever.

The final chorus is a desperate plea to God for help and support. He is begging for the divine power to stay with him until the ashes of Eden fall. The chorus can be very powerful and can be felt by many people who have gone through heartbreaks in their lives. It is a call for divine intervention, and it can be very meaningful to those who have faced these kinds of situations in their lives.


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