Arpeggi Meaning

March 13, 2023

Arpeggi (Italian for “word itself”) is a type of broken chord, which means that the notes are played or sung in a rising or descending order. This can create a richer sound for a song, especially when it is layered.

Weird Fishes / Arpeggi is a song by the British group Radiohead, and it is the fourth track on their album In Rainbows. It is a haunting piece that explores the dark side of human experience.

The lyrics of the song refer to feelings of isolation and depression. The song also makes references to technology and the ways in which people can be controlled by it.

A key element in this song is the soaring vocals of lead singer Thom Yorke. His singing is powerful and emotional, but he also uses his vocal range to make the song more dynamic.

Another interesting thing about this song is the arrangement. Instead of the propulsive arpeggi, which were present in the original, Greenwood has used a minimal Wurlitzer piano arrangement and exposed La Havas' beautifully sung vocals.

The result is a fascinating song that combines a variety of rhythms with intricate tapestries of accents, which propel the storyline forward. The bass lines are also a very interesting element, as they support the rhythmic changes and delimit the chord changes.


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