Ariana Grande's New Song "In My Head"

March 7, 2023

in my head ariana grande meaning

Ariana Grande has released in my head, a song that talks about her mental health. It has a lot of interesting elements and is definitely an impressive song.

It is one of the songs on Sweetener and it talks about her turbulent relationships with Mac Miller and her new relationship with Pete Davidson. It also features some of the most outspoken lyrics she has ever sung.

The opening snippets of this song are actually a voicemail that she received from her best friend, Doug Middlebrook. She says that he was her “best friend for years and was the person who supported me through all my struggles”, so he is a very important person in her life.

There are a few interesting lyric aspects of this song, for example it has a verse which talks about a demon that is trying to kill her. This is a very interesting lyric as it is very uncommon for a pop singer to use biblical imagery and this lyric makes sense with the subject matter of the song.

Another lyric is about her former boyfriend, The Weeknd. It is a very interesting lyric because she has compared him to an angel and her ex boyfriend to a demon, this can be seen as a double entendre.

The song also talks about her friendship with Alexa Luria, who was one of the seven women she gave diamond rings to. She unfollowed her on Instagram earlier this year and fans believe that this lyric is a tribute to her.


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