Ariana Grande's 'Get Well Soon' Song Is About Mental Health

March 7, 2023

get well soon ariana grande meaning

Ariana Grande's new album Sweetener has hit the scene a week ago and there's no denying it's a much more personal record than her previous work. The 'God is a Woman' star opens up about her blossoming relationship with Pete Davidson, internet outrage, anxiety and female empowerment in the tracks that make up her fourth studio album.

One song on Sweetener has definitely caught her fans' attention though: the closing track ‘Get Well Soon’. It honours the lives of those killed in the Manchester bombing that took place at her concert last year.

It may sound like a common gesture for any artist to include a silent moment in their music, but it's actually pretty unique when you consider the meaning behind it. In a recent interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1, the singer opened up about the emotional power of the song and what she hopes it can do for her fans.

'Get Well Soon' is about mental health

It’s no secret that Grande has had to deal with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder since the tragic attack in Manchester last year. The songstress has spoken out about it on multiple occasions, citing the importance of maintaining good mental health.

She's been open about her struggles and has also made sure to help others who are coping with the same issues, including putting on a benefit concert two weeks after the attack.

She explains in the video below that she "wanted to do something to honor the victims of the attack" and "send love, support and positivity to everyone who was affected." The lyrics are simple, but powerful: “I want you to know I’m here for you.” It sounds like Grande wants her fans to know that they’re not alone and she wants them to be able to feel comfortable coming to her concerts no matter what.


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