Are You That Somebody?

March 13, 2023

Are You That Somebody

If you’re a TikToker, you know that 3x speed means slowed down music. But this doesn’t stop TikTokers from experimenting with it. For example, you might see a challenge to keep your eyes open while listening to a song on 3x speed.

But it’s not just a challenge to listen slowly; there’s also research backing up the idea that speeding up your audio is actually a bad way to learn something new. A recent study found that participants’ ability to recognize words dropped 40% when they listened to audio at twice the speed.

Despite this, Mike is still listening to his audiobooks at 3x speed. He hopes that he’ll soon be able to quit his job and have the time to read 200 books per year.

I don’t want to discourage him from listening to his audiobooks at a higher rate, but it’s important to remember that the human brain is a complex system and there are limits to how much we can process. Listening at a faster speed, even if it’s for information dense books, is not the answer. Instead, he should focus on learning by doing. Then, he’ll be able to master the skills he needs to succeed in his career.


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