Anti Hero Lyrics Meaning by Taylor Swift

July 30, 2023

Taylor Swift has released her 10th studio album, Midnights, and with it came the lead single, Anti-Hero. The song is super catchy and self-referential but it also offers an honest insight into her insecurities. Let’s look at the anti hero lyrics meaning to find out more.

Anti-heroes are the story’s protagonists that lack the strong morals and selflessness that define the stock hero. They might feel rejected by society and veer down a self-destructive path that leads to isolation or death. However, if they are given a chance to redeem themselves they can use their flaws and weaknesses to overcome their trials and become a hero.

These antiheroes have moral ambiguity and often operate in the grey zone. Their actions might be considered ethically dubious but they recognise that they need to carry out these actions in order to achieve a higher goal. Examples include the Punch-Clock Hero (think Don Draper or Tony Soprano) and the Godzilla Threshold hero who resorts to extremely dangerous, risky, and even immoral methods in order to save the day.

These antiheroes have sociopathic characteristics and are willing to do morally questionable things in order to accomplish their goals. They might be vicious and enjoy the violence they cause but they know that what they are doing is for the greater good. This type of antihero is most common in action movies and is exemplified by Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Jay Gatsby is a good example of this type of antihero as he was driven by greed and wanted to be seen as a hero.


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