Annie Are You Ok Meaning?

August 25, 2023

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson’s 1988 single Smooth Criminal, then you know that the lyrics tell the story of Annie. In the song, she is a victim of a violent home invasion, which leads to her death. The narrator, Jackson, is obviously distressed by her death and asks repeatedly “Annie are you ok” to try to make sure she is all right.

The first time I heard this line, I was confused about its meaning. But after some research, it makes perfect sense. “Are you ok?” is one of the first questions people trained in CPR are taught to ask before beginning treatment. It’s clear that Michael Jackson had first aid training, and he was using the phrase as a way to convey his panic and concern for Annie’s well being.

Interestingly, the name Annie comes from a first aid doll called Resusci Anne, or simply Annie. Matt Forger, who produced the video for Michael Jackson’s song, explained that such a doll was on hand at the Westlake studio where the album Smooth Criminal was recorded. The doll is used to teach people how to perform CPR, and the phrase, “Annie, are you ok?” is often the first question paramedics ask when they begin treating someone.

Annie is a feminine name with the meaning of “full of grace.” People who have this name are said to have a soft and delicate personality. They also tend to avoid arguing and keep a practical approach to life.


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