Andy Irons Net Worth - Salary, Income & Lifestyle

March 13, 2023

Andy Irons Net Worth, Salary, Income & Lifestyle

Andy Irons was born on July 24, 1978 in Hawaii. He was a famous Professional Surfer.
His net worth is estimated to be $115 Million in the year before he died.

He was a very popular celebrity and he is known to have a large fan base around the world. He is also known for winning the ASP World Championship Tour and being named the 2002 Surfer of the Year by Surfer Magazine.

Andy Irons was a Hawaiian surfer who won three World Championship Titles in his first quarter-century of competition. He was ranked #1 on the ASP list for five consecutive years.

Until his death in 2010, he was the only surfer on the ASP calendar who had won every championship in every competition.

Irons was a highly skilled and aggressive surfer who took the all or nothing approach to surfing, overcoming his mental illness, which was diagnosed at 18 years old by his family doctor. He also fought a battle with substance abuse.

He was married to Lyndie Dupuis and together they had a son, Axel. They both lived on Kauai's north coast and Lyndie ran a successful swimsuit business. She also helped her son in his education and was a very doting mom.


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