Andrew Bynum - Where Is He Now?

September 7, 2023

After a promising NBA career that included two championships, former LA Lakers star Andrew Bynum has largely stayed out of the spotlight since retiring in 2019. While the center was able to build up a significant bank account during his time in the league, he's not known for much else aside from his basketball.

During his rookie season, Bynum made a big impression on the league and quickly became one of its youngest players ever to appear in a game, coming off the bench in his debut at just 18 years and 6 days old. In his first year, he was a key contributor to the team as it won the championship, but injuries and disciplinary issues began to plague him.

In August 2012, the Lakers traded Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers in a four-team deal that also saw Dwight Howard move from Orlando to Los Angeles and Andre Iguodala from the 76ers to the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Bynum was never able to stay healthy and it's safe to say that his career ended on a disappointing note.

As of 2023, the retired player is not dating anyone and is still single. He's not very active on social media but has occasionally been spotted at NBA events over the last decade or so. Despite the fact that he hasn't played a professional game in a while, there are always reports of a possible return to the sport for Bynum.


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