Andrea Gibson Quotes

March 4, 2023

andrea gibson quotes

What We Like About &rea gibson

Andrea Gibson is a poet and activist who is known for writing about topics such as social reform, gender norms, politics and LGBTQ struggles. Their poems are deeply personal and portray their life experiences in a way that will make you feel something from the very first line.

They have a unique style of writing which is gender-neutral and reflects their personal experience as a lesbian. They are a four time Denver Grand Slam Champion and have won the first Women’s World Poetry Slam. They have also published three collections of poetry as well as a book on quotes and illustrations for Penguin.

Their newest collection, You Better Be Lightning, is set for release on November 9 and will feature 38 poems that are about love in the modern world. They explore a variety of themes from heartbreak to depression, and they will be available on Amazon and all major bookstores.

They are a popular performer at spoken word festivals and venues around the globe. They have won the Denver Grand Slam Championship four times and they are also a poet who has won the first Woman of the World Poetry Slam in 2008. Their poetry is full of love and they believe that love is a force for good.


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