Anberlin Fin Meaning

March 8, 2023

anberlin fin meaning

If you're a fan of Anberlin, then you've probably heard a song called "Dismantle. Repair." That's a song that has a pretty specific meaning for lead singer and songwriter Stephen Christian. He wrote the song as a result of something that happened in his life, and he wanted to share it with other people.

Despite its seemingly emo-style lyrics, Christian says that this song was written as a metaphor for the difficulty of change. It was written after he realized that the band's constant touring and intense cycle of writing was taking its toll on him and his bandmates. He also said that the stress of family and career responsibilities was beginning to become overwhelming.

With their debut album, Lowborn, the Winter Haven, Florida-based quintet forged a solid fan base and began touring as hard as they could. The band's recent re-imaginings of old favorites — like the epic, guitar-driven "A Day Late" and the poppier, airwave-ready "Paperthin Hymn" — have garnered them an even bigger following. On Silverline, the group's follow-up to Lowborn, they deliver a more powerful and enthralling rebirth than ever before. In fact, this is the group's most mature and adventurous record yet. It's also an absolute must-listen for anyone who has a soft spot for this band's past work. Whether you're new to the group or a die-hard fan, Silverline is a welcome addition to your library. The songs on Silverline range from roaring rockers to delicate ballads, and each song has a story to tell that will leave you breathless.


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