Allen Payne Is Alive and Well

January 18, 2024

After a bit of speculation, it has been confirmed that Allen Payne is alive and well. The House of Payne actor went through a period late last year when it was reported that he had passed away, but it turns out those reports were premature. Now the actor is back to working and he’s doing what he does best, acting on the big screen. Payne has starred in many films and TV series, but one of the ones that really catapulted him into popularity was The Cosby Show. He guest starred on the hit sitcom in the role of Charmaine’s boyfriend Lance Rodman for two seasons, and it did wonders for his career. After that he got roles on shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Malcolm & Eddie, and All of Us, among others. He also did several movies including Vampire in Brooklyn, Crossover, and New Jack City.

It was a film role three years later that really helped to elevate Payne into the spotlight though. He was cast in the 1994 drama film Jason’s Lyric as the character of Jason Alexander, and it did him a world of good. He then did a few more movies before landing his role as CJ Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. He remained with the family-friendly show until it ended in 2012. Payne also returned to the stage in 2022 as Gerald “Gee Money” Wells in a stage adaptation of New Jack City written by playwright Je’Caryous Johnson.


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