Alissa Heinerscheid Where is She Now?

March 18, 2024

Alissa heinerscheid where is she now

In the past Heinerscheid had spoken at length about her goals for Bud Light, explaining that the beer had been viewed as "fratty" and "out of touch" in an effort to entice new customers with a more inclusive approach. She described her work to move Bud Light away from that image as a mission that was all-consuming.

Heinerscheid was one of the first women to hold her position, and her mandate included elevating an iconic brand that had largely been viewed as male-dominated. Her efforts were praised, including when she was named an Ad Age 40 Under 40 rising star in 2022.

Then came the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, and Heinerscheid became the focus of a boycott that has seen Budweiser lose billions in market value. The brewing company has now confirmed that Heinerscheid and Daniel Blake, the VP of Mainstream Brands, have both decided to take a leave of absence from their jobs while they figure out how to reclaim the reputation of the brand.

The company says that it's been "grateful for the passion and dedication" Heinerscheid has demonstrated in her career, but the decision to step aside was a mutual one. Heinerscheid's position will be filled by Todd Allen, who recently served as the global marketing VP for Budweiser. The two will reportedly be working together to develop an overall strategy for the brand.


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