Album Review of Luke Combs' 'What You See Is What You Get'

June 19, 2023

Article By: luke combs

With its powerful hooks and classic country sounds, 'luke combs what you see is what you get’ hits all the right marks. It takes all the gleaming, radio-ready pop of his previous projects and tinges it with the kind of maturity that comes from marriage, fatherhood and stardom. This balancing act is key to what sets Combs apart from the Jason Aldeans and Eric Churches of the world; his stories are universal but he brings a fresh twist that keeps them relatable.

'Growin Up and Gettin Old’ is the album opener, a slow-burning song that neatly ties albums three and four together in a narrative way. It also introduces the prevailing themes of family, growth and ageing that drive the entire project. Throughout the record, Combs embraces being older whilst simultaneously holding on to his youth and reminding us that he can still rock out like the best of them. 'Back 40 Back' is a tempered pining for the good ol’ days that could be overly dramatic in other hands but here is instead a heartfelt, reflective reminder of what we have and to appreciate it.

Even though he is now a bona fide stadium headliner, Combs tries his hardest to not be starstruck by his own success. During his performance, he wandered the stage and interacted with fans. When he stopped for a moment to shotgun a can of beer into the crowd, they ate it up. He is the embodiment of an average joe who just happens to be a country superstar.


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