Albert Wong - Prodigy Where is He Now?

March 28, 2024

After a year and a half, Albert is a seasoned performer. He gives solo recitals and concerts, has released a CD and appeared on TV shows like Good Morning Texas and Positively Texas. He plays with professional orchestras, and his work has earned him a feature article in Fanfare magazine.

At home, Albert’s parents have decorated the kitchen and family area with educational posters: the ABC’s, numbers one to ten, geometric shapes, safety signs, maps of the world and solar system, and multiplication tables. A shiny black Steinway dominates the room. Yen-Lih and Chi-Pong do not consider themselves musically gifted, but they give their son everything he needs to succeed.

In addition to his piano lessons, he takes a full course load of college classes. UT Arlington professors teach him physics, chemistry and biology. The school has even arranged for him to study with Jenkins Garrett Professor of Mathematics Howard J. Arnott, who teaches him introductory math.

But despite his incredible accomplishments, fate seems to be niggling at Albert’s side. He wants to continue his education, but he’s also been called on to play for charity benefits and community events. When he plays, his face displays the intensity of a child entranced by a video game. His tiny fingers fly, and the notes and tempo belie his years. As he nears the end of his piece, the audience, which includes mothers and grandmothers, shifts their expressions to looks of amazement.


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