Alan Smolinsky Net Worth

October 31, 2023

alan smolinisky net worth is an american entrepreneur, investor, and sports team owner. He is a partner in the Los Angeles Dodgers, an MLB team. He has also made significant investments in early-stage technology companies.

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He was born in Los Angeles, California on November 28, 1979 and is 44 years old. He is a Sagittarius and his height is 6’1”.

Alan began his career in real estate as a student at the University of Southern California. He partnered with Brian Chen to found Conquest Student Housing, a company that owned and managed student housing properties on campus. Their firm grew to become the largest provider of student housing at USC and at other universities. The pair later sold the company for $205 million. Today, they run their investment portfolio out of Pacific Palisades, where they invest in commercial real estate, publicly traded securities, energy, and capital equipment leasing.

Smolinisky is an outspoken critic of dynastic wealth and has donated much of his own money to charities. Inspired by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, he has established a trust that will give away 90% of his assets to charity upon his death. Smolinisky also serves on the board of Homeboy Industries, a gang intervention organization founded by Jessie Jones.

In 2019, Smolinisky and Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, offered $2 billion for the Portland Trail Blazers, an NBA franchise. The offer is the highest ever for an NBA team, but it was not accepted by the Blazers.


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