Aina Dobilaite - The Woman Who Solved the Denise Leuthold Murder Mystery

September 8, 2023

Denise Leuthold was murdered on Valentine’s Day in 2013 by her husband Nathan. Prosecutors believed that he killed her as a Valentine’s gift for his Lithuanian lover, Aina Dobilaite. Aina did testify at the trial but vehemently denied that they were having an affair. She claimed that she and Nathan shared a bank account to pay for her education. She also claimed that they would sometimes visit each other in Chicago.

Aina Dobilaite was a key part of this murder mystery. She was a young woman who met the Leutholds in their missionary work in Lithuania when she was six years old. They sponsored her move to the United States when she was eighteen, and provided financial support for her education and living expenses.

During the trial, prosecutors used Aina’s testimony to bolster their case against Nathan. The couple had frequented a local spa, where the owner testified that she knew both Dobilaite and Nathan as regular customers. She also recalled that they shared a bank account and used the same credit card. In addition, she said that Nathan was always with Dobilaite and never by himself.

In Aina’s testimony, she said that she did not believe that the robbery of the house was staged. She also did not believe that her text message to Nathan was a reference to the robbery. In a cryptic message, she wrote, “interesting, smiley face.” Aina did not attend Denise’s funeral but did speak to her parents frequently after the murder.


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