Adna Lyrics Meaning - 'Beautiful Hell'

February 13, 2023

beautiful hell adna lyrics meaning

'Beautiful Hell' - adna lyrics meaning

Swedish-born Berlin-based singer Adna Kadic, known for her haunting music-writing and mesmerizing vocals, has become one of the most prolific indie artists around. Having released her self-titled EP in 2012, she's gone on to release several albums including Night (2014), Run Lucifer (2015) and Smoke (2017). She's been touring in the UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia since her debut release and has amassed tens of millions of streams for her songs.

'Beautiful Hell' is her most recent release and features two exclusive remixes from Eternal Death and A.Turk reimagining the track in their own unique ways. The former takes it into gothic-pop territory with shrieking synths and warped Crystal Castles vibes while the latter is a club-ready beatfest complete with oodles of dreamy samples and massive dance drops.

'Beautiful Hell' represents a significant step up from her previous releases and is a stunning example of the talent she brings to her music. Her ability to combine her affecting vocals with compelling electronics and devastating atmosphere is a testament to her skill as an artist and it's clear that this talented woman has only begun to develop. Check out the single and its exclusive mixes below!


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