Adele Name Meaning and Origin

February 6, 2023

adele name meaning and origin

Adele Name Meaning and Origin

The name adele is a popular girl’s name with French, German, Czech, and Italian roots. It is also a spelling variant of the Yiddish name Edel.

Throughout history, this beautiful name has been used to honor women with noble characters or those born to high rank in the aristocracy. It was one of the most common names for girls in France during the middle ages and has become more popular again in the 19th century.

In French, adele means “pleasant,” while in German it means “noble.” The word is most commonly used for young girls as an English form of Adelaide, although it can be given to boys too.

When you are named adele, you are naturally compassionate and have an appreciation for others’ needs. You love the idea of making a difference in the world and helping people when you can.

You also have a strong desire to achieve peace, harmony and spirituality. You seek enlightenment through philosophy, religion and more unconventional forms of healing.

If you are called adele, you may find yourself pursuing success in the field of civil engineering jobs or doing business in the manufacture, construction or sale of engineering goods and iron and steel machinery. You may also rise to high positions in armed forces and police departments, or do well as diplomats.

You also have a deep affection for your friends and are often seen as kind, generous and humble. You are an independent and respectable woman who is always looking to improve yourself. You are also a good listener and take the time to understand others’ feelings.


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