About NDA Billie Eilish Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

nda billie eilish lyrics meaning

About nda billie eilish lyrics meaning

In her latest music video, 'NDA,' Billie Eilish explores the darker side of fame. The video, which was shot in one take with no stunt doubles or VFX, features her walking on a road at night, cars racing around her.

The video was directed by Billie herself, which seems to be a common practice for her. She made her debut on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2019 and has been credited for breaking barriers in many different fields.

Lyrics are dark and intense, as Billie explores her own personal fears regarding fame and relationships. She recalls a 2020 incident where a stalker repeatedly rang her doorbell and tried to get into her house, and she ended up hiring security to keep him at bay.

She says that she's afraid of her fame affecting her relationship with someone, especially if the person is a pretty boy. She says she would rather have him sign an NDA so she doesn't risk her future with him.

Another part of the song talks about her relationship with her father, who was a big part of her upbringing and helped her develop her music career. She sings, "I'm always so scared of what he'll think."

There are a few other songs on Happier Than Ever that explore some of the same themes, including 'Lost Cause' and 'Your Power,' but 'NDA' really captures the darkest and most intimate moments in Eilish's journey. It's a powerful track that tackles a lot of issues, from relationships to body image to sexual abuse.


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