A Pillow of Winds Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

a pillow of winds lyrics meaning

A pillow of winds lyrics meaning

In Pink Floyd’s long and illustrious history, the songwriting duo of Roger Waters and David Gilmour have produced many memorable songs. The pair are a formidable force and their collaborations helped define the band as a whole. Their feisty partnership was on display on the 1971 opus Meddle and on subsequent efforts such as Obscured by Clouds and Dark Side of the Moon.

The most impressive feat of this song is its use of several of the group’s musical aces to create an utterly charming piece of music. Featuring a bevy of overlaid guitars, acoustic bass, a slickly honed vocal track and a smattering of drums and percussion, A Pillow of Winds is not to be missed by the uninitiated.

The most difficult question is whether or not to play it all the way through. Thankfully, the best answer is yes! The song’s hypnotic tempo will not only leave you feeling on top of your game, it’ll help you fall asleep on cue.

A Pillow of Winds has got to be one of the band’s finest moments and a great addition to any Pink Floyd fanatic’s sonic oeuvre.


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