A Perfect Circle Meaning Revealed

March 13, 2023

Despite Maynard James Keenan's main band Tool being in a long period of inactivity since 2003, fans have always held out hope that the rock supergroup A Perfect Circle would one day return. After several years of rumors and speculation, it was not surprising when the band's logo--the blue doomed one--was updated on social media a few weeks ago.

Speculation began as to what this could be, but it was soon clear that the band had something new up its sleeve. It was a surprise, but it was also a welcome sight for a band that had been waiting a while to release any new music.

The song itself is a classic example of APC's knack for deftly layered musical arrangements and atmospheric intonation. It is one of the most beautiful sounding tracks on the record, and it reflects the band's strengths as a whole.

It is a song that is characterized by a very mellow approach to the guitar, with the instrument allowing for the vocals to soar over it. It is a very different type of song than anything on the last two APC albums, but it still retains a lot of their characteristic elements.

The lyrics of this song are a metaphor for not facing a problem directly. In the song, a character is ignoring their problems until they turn blue. This is because they are afraid to face them or engage in the process of personal growth, which can lead to pain and suffering. In order to prevent this from happening, the protagonist is told to "call an optimist" and to try to see the bright side of their situation.


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